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Meet the Explorers

Whiskey City Explorers was born of our family adventures in our hometown of Lawrenceburg.  We moved to this idyllic river town in 2017 and have enjoyed exploring and playing in southeast Indiana ever since!  Despite these five years of exploring - we still find new adventures and thought we should share these with the world. 

A little about us!

Liz is a mental health professional by night with over ten years experience supporting patients, during what is often their worst time of need. Working nights is a new challenge but she's facing it head-on! She quarterbacks our adventures with itineraries, maps, road support and snacks as well as providing content for the blog.

Tony is a construction professional by day and enjoys long walks on the beach, or anywhere really.  Whether it's hiking in a park, cutting new trails or just around the neighborhood, he's always on the move and looking for the next adventure. Tony is all implementation and coordinates adventures with school, work, sports and mom's sleep schedule. 


Charlotte is our first and is the the quintessential GIRL.  At eight years old, she loves to explore and is the self-proclaimed "mom" figure for our trips.  She keeps us in-line and following the rules, though sometimes she let's us sneak some ice-cream if it won't affect our dinner.

Last but not least, Everett is ALL BOY.  At six years old he love anything that can get him dirty as well as trains and cars. Less of a fan of walking, he'll often be found riding dad's shoulders (we'll give him a break, his legs are short) or wandering off to chase butterflies. 

Where is this Whiskey City?

All the way back in 1802, the small river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana - located about 20 miles west of Cincinnati, Ohio - was founded by Samuel C. Vance and named after his wife's maiden name - Lawrence. Lawrenceburg quickly became an important trading post along the Ohio River and throughout the next century it would cement its place in American distilling as the capital of Rye Whiskey. 


In 1847 George Ross founded the Rossville distillery which built a reputation over the next 100 years for exceptional Rye Whiskey, some of the best in the United States.  Though it has seen many different names (Rossville-Union, Seagrams, MGP and now Ross & Squibb), the Rossville distillery is still in operation today and is recognized as the oldest distillery in the State of Indiana.


If you'd like to learn more about Lawrenceburg's rich distilling history, check out some of our friends over at Rossville Union and the Ross & Squibb Distillery with the links below.


So what's this blog about anyway?

Get to know Southeast Indiana With us!

We're exploring Southeast Indiana and want to share all of the great things to do and see in and around Lawrenceburg. Every day we are finding new adventures and we're just so excited to be able to share these with you!

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