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Baseball and Pottery

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As they usually do - the weekend started off with a trip to Funny Farm Coffee Company for our usual hot chocolate and a LARGE coffee with some bacon, egg and cheese bagels to eat.

Then, we headed over to Lawrenceburg Babe Ruth Fields for Everett's baseball team (the Storm) to play the River River Bandits. We're proud to share that we're undefeated this season (though, we don't keep score and everyone gets a chance to run the bases)! It's a beautiful day out for baseball and the kids had a blast hitting, throwing and running the bags at Chick Schwing Field.

After baseball, we headed South of the border (to Kentucky) to meet one of Charley's friends and explore Crestview Hills and the Color Me Mine pottery studio. We just discovered this great pottery store and studio where you can select pre-made pottery pieces and personalize by painting them with glaze paints. Pieces range from ornaments, to plates, bowls, coffee mugs to candle holders and figurines - there's something for all interestes and they even rotate in seasonal items like pumpkins for Halloween.

Charley chose a mug with a hedgehog motif on it and went with a more traditional (well, almost) color theme. Everett chose a dog and painted it with, what we can only describe as a "technicolor dream dog," theme.

We spent about three hours painting our pieces. The shop provides everything needed to paint, stamp or write on pieces with glaze, as well as all the setup and cleanup - you can literally just show up, pick a piece and get right to it! When complete, Color Me Mine will fire the pottery pieces - they estimate between five and seven days - and will call when the pieces are ready to pick up!

We'll be sure to post an update once we get our mug and pup back!

After all that painting, we grabbed some ice cream and headed back home for a bit of rest and to start planning for our next adventure! Be sure to check back and see where we go next!

Happy Exploring!

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