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Whiskey City Explorers go to Spain!

Covid put a hold on our vacations for the past two years, so when we finally decided to venture out again and explore beyond Southwest Indiana, we knew we wanted to go big. But where?

Well, we chose Spain! With both kids in dual language immersion school programs - learning in Spanish for at least half of their day - it seemed like a good option. We'd done beach vacations and have been to the Caribbean before but never across the pond so, why not give it a shot, we thought!

Packed and ready to go, we embark on this journey October 4th and will return October 16th. We'll visit Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona over our week and a half, traveling between by high-speed train. We've kept the itinerary light to allow some flexibility (honestly we don't know what to expect traveling in Europe with a 6 and 8 year old) so we have opted to only purchase advanced tickets for a couple of experiences.

Madrid looks to offer many cultural experiences, great shopping and a city vibrant with life. Valencia appears a bit more relaxed with no less cultural vibrancy - but best might just be the beaches - with the mid to upper 80's our entire stay. Lastly, Barcelona might just be a combination of both styles with its own cultural vibe. We're excited to experience all three and will post about each city we visit!

Stay tuned to follow our explorations in Spain!!

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